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9 December 2010
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collective memories for some of us.

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8 December 2010
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We look at war as battles in history. Scenes of shooting and fighting on a field. That is what we remember about it. That is what we are told about it. The important battles and who wins the war. The fact that actual human beings with emotions like us never …

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2 December 2010
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AIDs Quilt

What does it look like? Childlike. It has an innocence to it. A quilt? It’s something that you see in picture books, or a grandmother is making one when you visit her and the cookies are baking in the oven. Or maybe it’s just a school project. So yes, childlike. …

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30 November 2010
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Harry Potter and a generation : Draft

Who is Harry Potter?
He’s a boy from a cupboard. He wasn’t born in the cupboard but he lived there for a good portion of his life. Pretty ordinary like the rest of us. He suffers abuse like some who can relate. And so he’s this boy some people connect to, …

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30 November 2010
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Invention of Tradition: Thanksgiving

It’s done as a class survey
What do you eat for Thanksgiving?
The traditions of Thanksgiving come from the myth of the “First Thanksgiving.”

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11 November 2010
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Disney’s take

Disney does a good job of altering the truth. They do it in such an innocent way that it doesn’t seem to bother people too much. It doesn’t seem to affect them because they usually form their memories from those movies. Those stories. They know the story with the happily …

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9 November 2010
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First Love …

Nabokov is interesting. While I was reading he seemed to put a lot of detail into the things around him and the actions of people but never did say what they were discussing or what was really going on. The actual speech, the conversations, were never described in dialogue. You …

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9 November 2010
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Musical Madeleine question

What does it mean to “attach a cultural memory of a song to a caller or callee?”
When the song is heard voluntarily or involuntarily the audience experiences a moment where they are part of a different kind of culture. Because the feeling of belonging is so important to the caller, …

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4 November 2010
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4 November 2010
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Musical K P

The writer’s thesis for this article is to explain that musical cell-phone ringtones are small cultural identifiers. They have the quality and power to trigger collective memories.
In my own experience I’m not a fan of musical ringtones. I never listen to the cultural aspects because most of the time they’re …

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